3DHEALS Boston: 3D Printing Muscle Exhibit 🗓

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Nov 08, 2019
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3DHeals Boston (Jess Charlap) + Design Museum Mornings, with Indranil Sinha, M.D, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

How do you re-design the recovery of a traumatic injury? When it comes to creating solutions to complex injuries, the solutions can often be one dimensional. When the injury is severe, the body is unable to regenerate muscle and instead heals the area with extensive scarring. This results in a loss of muscle strength and function. For muscles to regenerate, the body requires a scaffold that acts as a guide within which muscle can grow. For the first time, technological advancements can create these scaffolds, allowing for successful regeneration of muscle post-traumatic injury. Dr. Indranil Sinha of Brigham and Women’s Hospital will speak about these recent advancements, particularly one game-changer in redesigning how the body can heal – a custom made pen-printer, a 3D printer of sorts which can directly add the healing scaffold to the injured muscle alongside helpful growth factors to aid in the regrowth process.

3DHEALS Boston Community Manager Jess Charlap will lead the group through the exhibit. RSVP on Boston Meetup page to be included, but tickets are required. Use promotional code “3dheals50” for a discount.

Tickets Required:

3DHEALS Boston Community Manager Jess Charlap

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