3D Printing Designs for COVID-19 Show Notes and Recordings

There are literally hundreds of 3D printing designs to support the current COVID19 response. Some work, others don’t. Some look great but do not work. 3DHEALS invited several top additive manufacturing designers who have been very active throughout the COVID-19 crisis to discuss design-related topics in this 1.5-hour webinar. Full speaker bio can be found here.

People from more than 16 countries attended this webinar, which means some people did not sleep to just participate. ?

Download Podcast Recording:

Watch Video Recording:

MeshMask: (Dr. Kevin Yoder’s software YouTube video)

Make4COVID (COVID website for Nicholas Jacobson’s group)

Breath4liveproject (Brazilian AM for Ventilator project from an audience member)

Jordan Elevons’s website including his designs

Dr. Nabeel Cajee Facebook Group for PrintToProtect Coalition in Central California

British Columbia Open Source 3D printing COVID19 group –   bcc3d.ca (Dr. Stephanie Willerth)

The Agility of 3D Technology for Medical Institutions: In Time of A Pandemic

Webinar Recording: Can 3D Printing Save Us From COVID19 Crisis?

Interview with Stephanie Willerth, Bioprinting Brain

Interview with Dr. Kevin Yoder, Computer Scientist Turned Dentist

MIXIN’ It Up: A Designer’s Approach to 3D Printing

Generative Design Versus Topology Optimization

Generative Design and 3D Printing

3D Bioprinting: Chiasm of Art, Design, Science, Technology, Evolution