3DHeals Munich 2018 Conference Recap

On November 7th 2018 we hosted our second local 3DHeals conference in Munich, which was sponsored by Materialise GmbH, a world-renowned 3D printing, and healthcare company. UnternehmerTUM GmbH, who offers founders and start-ups a complete service, from the initial idea all the way to IPO, kindly allowed us to use one of their great spaces at their headquarters in Garching by Munich. The event was well attended by researches, industry (big companies as well as startups) and medical healthcare professionals. 

Three very fascinating innovative talks were given by Martin Herzmann, Stefan Leonhardt and Dr. med. dent. Michael Berthold. Martin Herzmann from Materialise GmbH shined a light on the pressing question about when, how and most importantly why patient-specific implants can fail, even when the design is right. Stefan Leonhardt introduced us the practice and visions of Kumovis GmbH, a startup whose 3D printing systems allow the manufacture of individualized PEEK implants. The last speaker of the night, Dr. med. dent. Michael Berthold (Implantology LTD) shared some new clinical insight about the application of innovative root analog implants.

The ongoing vivid discussion with the panelist was briefly interrupted by the arrival of delicious pizza but continued until late that evening. Thanks again to our sponsor Materialise GmbH, our host UnternehmerTUM GmbH, our three amazing speakers and of course our wonderful Munich community for making this event such a success. See you all for Happy Hour in January! 

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Hannah is 3DHEALS Munich Community Manager and a research associate at the Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems of the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. She lives in Munich, where she also studied medical technologies at the faculty of mechanical engineering at the TU Munich. Her research concentrates on 3D printing of medical models and devices based on anatomical image data.