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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Dr. Albert Woo

It was probably during my craniofacial surgery fellowship over a decade ago that I first encountered a 3D printed surgical model. I was amazed at the incredible detail that was present in these models and the fact that they could be sterilized for use in the operating room. Plastic surgeons have been using these types of models for decades now but the incredible power of this technology never ceases to fascinate me....

 However, the biggest impact to me came when obtained our first grant to purchase a professional grade 3D printer in 2015. This dramatically affected my practice. For the first time, I had control over the 3D models that we printed without going through the multiple steps of ordering it through a vendor. We were able to make models quickly, some printed overnight for surgery the next day, making this technology available even for urgent surgical cases.

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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Derek Morris, Organ Manufacturing Group At United Therapeutics

I have always been interested in helping people see more, do more, experience more. As a computer scientist, extending human capability is a driving force behind much of what we do. However, I knew that I wanted to help increase our healthspans which were outside of my field. As a voracious reader, I came across an article profiling Aubrey de Grey, known for his work on longevity, and saw that with self-study, you can make important new contributions. His path from computer science to biology was awakening for me. I immediately sought out my friends in biomedical engineering to borrow their textbooks, devoured the pages and followed the references. Soon after I set up a lab. I haven’t looked back since....

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