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Influencer Interview: Dr. Sanjay Prabhu, Pediatric Neuroradiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School

Sanjay Prabhu is a Staff Pediatric Neuroradiologist at Boston Children's Hospital and Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School. He is the founding Director of the Advanced Image Analysis Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital and Clinical Director of...

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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Mr. Jerry Evans, CEO of Nia Technologies Inc.

We face many technical and bureaucratic challenges in the work we do. But, more often than not, our challenges come from a shortage of funds.  Nia Technologies Inc. is a non-profit organization.  We are supported by CBM Canada (a disability charity), along with other foundations and donors.  We are currently speaking with equity investors and exploring the idea of a Nia for-profit spin-off to support our non-profit eff

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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Dr. Markus Reiterer, Senior Principle Scientist, Medtronic

3D Bioprinting needs to overcome the valley of death of innovation. Scalability to mass produce tissues needs to be demonstrated soon to capitalize on the excitement that we currently experience. We need better equipment, better and more controlled raw materials, and better process control. In addition, academics, industry, and government regulators need to start a conversation about the regulatory path for engineered tissues and organs soon, so that a regulatory framework exists when the first products are ready for in the human application.

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3DHEALS2018 Influencer Interview : Robert Wesley, 3D Printing Engineer at Washington University Medical Campus, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

I can’t remember when or where I heard this, or if I had thought of it on my own before hearing it, but you often hear that a biomedical engineer is “a jack of all trades and a master of none.” Keeping this terrible saying in mind, you will be challenged for what you think you’re worth, what you know, and what you’re capable of learning on the job. The job market tends to look better with the more experience and education you accumulate. If you stay committed to what you want to do and continue to learn about it, one day you’ll be the expert in almost any room you walk in and the people you work with will look to you for answers.

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