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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Mr. Shashi Jain, IoT Innovation Manager at Intel Corporation

The e-NABLE movement has been a source of constant inspiration. Ivan and Jen Owen did something magical for the world in showing them they could manufacture devices that change an individual’s life. The people whom I’ve fitted prosthetic hands inspire me as well. Each has had a transformative journey that I’ve been lucky to share. One, a boy named Juan, transformed from a reserved, anxious kid into a person driven to give back, all during the course of fitting him with a Spiderman-themed hand.

I’ve been very inspired by Eythor Bender and the crew at UNYQ, who have literally changed the discussion from Stigma to Style for prosthetics and orthotics wearers through 3D printing.

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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Dr. Mayra Vasques, PhD Fellow at School of Dentistry at University of Sao Paulo

I put all my energy in the last 4 years on my Ph.D. thesis and at some point, supported by my family, I decided to travel from Brazil to the US just to buy a 3D printer to avoid the risk of project cancelation. There was a huge risk of facing some problem during the importation process and, after that, there was a risk to have a printer in a place that there was no support (from producer company or other experts). I risked my project, my credibility, and my money, but I knew that was the only way for me to achieve my goals, I had to take the risk.

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3DHEALS2018 Influencer Interview: Mr. Janis Jatinieks, Founder and CEO of WiDE

Biggest obstacle – industry players interested in maintaining the status quo. Nothing can be harder than showing a new/different approach to professionals who believe that they are already doing the best job possible and that their personal way of doing things is the only right one. We never say we know better or that we can do better – we merely say there is another way – the digital way. But conveying the message the right way is a problem. The best way around is to educate. To educate about the benefits, the differences, and the challenges.

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3DHEALS Influencer Interview: Mr. Erik Birkeneder, Intellectual Property Attorney and a Partner at Nixon Peabody

In 2012, when I first read “Makers, the New Industrial Revolution” by Chris Anderson I realized how transformation this technology would be and how it would impact intellectual property. I read as much as I could after that and began to seek out work in this field. After that, when I met Jenny some years ago, I was excited to walk with her on this journey of making 3D printing more accessible in health care. That motivated me to learn as much as I could about the industry, and study the IP and patent implications very carefully.

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