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Investing in Medical Device (Or NOT): Notes from WSGR’s 2017 Medical Device Conference

As a closet introvert, I surprised myself with attending and organizing a dozen conferences and events in 2017. The goal of my journey was not only to continue to build 3DHEALS community but also to figure out how 3D printing startups can take off in healthcare. WSGR’s 2017 Medical Device Conference on June 21st, 2017 was memorable. An array of VCs, investment banks, and entrepreneurs with different strategies and styles participated in discussions that most medical device startups and investors should care about. At the end of the day, it seems to be an artful balance of risk assessment, mining opportunities, and occasional contrarian behaviors.

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3D Printing Metal: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

While much has been written on new developments in metal 3D printing, there have been several types of metal 3D printing systems producing otherwise impossible parts for many years. In order to fully understand where the industry is going, it’s important to first understand where it’s been, and the problems with the status quo.

Below, I’ve provided a brief overview of established and developing printing techniques.  In a follow-up post, I’ll explain how developments in metal 3D printing can impact the medical industry.

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3DHEALS Influencer Interview Series: Dr. Alejandro Fernández

Dr. Alejandro Fernández obtained his PhD degree in Chemistry in 2004 (University of Oviedo-Spain), extending his R&D activities in UK (Bristol University) and in the pharmaceutical company Janssen Cilag. In 2008, he improved his area of knowledge coordinating and developing R&D projects for Technology Centers, first linked to the chemical & textile sector (ASINTEC Technological Centre) and in 2011, joining to the PRODINTEC staff. Since 2013, he is coordinating the 3D bioprinting area in PRODINTEC focused on the customization of 3D bioprinters according to properties and requirements of bio inks and biomaterials that will be printed.

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